About SettleNet.org

SettleNet.org | Réseau-Étab.org is the bilingual National Settlement Sector Community of Practice (CoP) created by and for settlement sector practitioners bringing together and connecting all settlement workers in Canada. This program is funded by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada and supported by Canada's regional umbrella settlement agencies and some of the nation's largest settlement agencies.

You can see the full list of agencies and organizations involved here:



Our Purpose

The bilingual National Settlement Sector Community of Practice (CoP) is meant to ensure that im/migrants and refugees service providers have access to the same information and professional development opportunities across Canada. When members of the community of practice share their professional views on specific topics, this meets the need for capacity development among professionals who work within a common framework with shared learning objectives. Group members could enhance their capacity through exposure to diverse perspectives and experience.


Our Online Space

Settlement service providers and other stakeholders across Canada have a shared online space to help them:

  • Learn: Engage in shared learning. (upcoming courses, on demand courses, webinars, capacity building events, etc.) 
  • Share: Communicate and share information, capture and diffuse existing knowledge. (best practices, guides and forms, handbooks, resources, tools, etc.)
  • Connect: Organize around issues and a shared interest in addressing them; connect with those whom they may otherwise never have come into contact with. (groups, discussions, events, direct messaging other members, etc.)
  • Collaborate: Introduce collaborative processes and encourage the free flow of ideas and information; generate new knowledge. 

Long-term goal: Contribute to the ability of service providers and the sector as a whole to deliver more responsive and coordinated settlement and community services.


How can you be part of the Online Community of Practice?

  • A user account is required to access the resources and other platform features. Anyone interested can easily get started with the platform by registering here: https://settlenet.org/en/user/register
  • Community of Practice (CoP) is organic and informal by nature. Members volunteer to be part of the community because it is interesting, and it helps them to be more effective. The Communities (groups in the CoP) could last as long as members are still interested to interact and learn from each other.


Who are the current members of the Online Community of Practice?

  • Settlement workers and Frontline staff workers who provide direct services to, im/migrants and refugees.
  • Program staff who curate and provide specific programs aimed to support im/migrants and refugee communities.
  • Managers responsible for supporting staff, overseeing programs, finances, and/or the administration of an organization.
  • Administrative staff responsible for managing and distributing information within the organization.
  • Executive Leadership/Managers responsible for strategic planning, organizational goals, and the oversight of decision making bodies in an organization. People responsible for supporting staff, overseeing programs, finances, and/or the administration of an organization.


For more information about the Online Community of Practice or to attend our orientation sessions, please contact the  Online Community of Practice team

For the latest updates regarding the Online Community of Practice as well as instructional videos on how to create an account and to navigate SettleNet.org | Réseau-Étab.org, follow us on: