About SettleNet.org

The main objective of this project is to develop and maintain a bilingual National Settlement Sector Community of Practice (CoP) where sector staff, leaders and those in related fields can learn, share, connect and collaborate.

Our objectives are to:

  • Build a Community of Practice where settlement practitioners, leaders and professionals in related sectors can connect, share, collaborate and learn; thereby building their knowledge and skills capacity with a focus on improving settlement services;
  • Facilitate the provision of consistent, innovative and coordinated services;
  • Create a unique “Settlement Hub” for the sector where members collect, disseminate, and find the support and tools they need to do their job effectively.

To achieve this, the CoP will exist as a multifaceted online platform that allows users to:

  • Access best-practice information and share resources on a wide variety of settlement topics
  • Locate the latest and most useful guides, tools, and research related to serving newcomers; and
  • Find up-to-date sector news and events

The CoP will also be the learning hub for the sector. The CoP will offer lifelong learning through self-learning, collaborative learning, the sharing of knowledge and experience, and by crowd-sourcing new ideas. Existing webinars and online e-courses that are useful for settlement workers will also be available from the CoP.

The CoP will serve as a launching pad for skills development including:

  • Ongoing series of webinars
  • Assessment tools to identify gaps in core competencies
  • Curated lists of topic and audience-specific resource and research
  • Links to relevant online learning opportunities

The aim of the National Settlement Sector Community of Practice (CoP) is to bring together committed individuals who have a desire to work collaboratively to learn, share and build the capabilities of fellow settlement workers to assist newcomers’ settlement and adjustment to their new life in Canada.

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